What is NELPAE?

New E-Learning Platform for Adult Education is a Grundtvig partnership whose main objective is to promote European dimension in adult education.
Derived objectives are:
a)to realize new friendly alternatives of IT education for adults;
b)to implement these new alternatives in all institutions involved,at first,than after at European level,in an extended use.
The main products are:
  • the methodology of implementing and using a new e-learning platform,with versions adapted to the needs of every institution involved;
  • a special internet software-an online educational platform written in php-mysql languages with more versions and tools,adapted to every instititons' needs concerning adult education;
  • one version of the platform,common for all partners and conjointly realized,containing courses for learning foreign languages(French, English, Spanish);
online courses of foreign languages (French, English, Spanish) for adult education-levels A1-A2-B1;
  • one documentary film about the implementation of the project;
  • one main site incorporating all products and news about the project.
The project products will be realized in conjoint activities supervised by the coordinator:
  • 2 international seminars
  • 4 training courses
  • 4 international workshops during the project reunions
  • 12 online workshops
Evaluation and dissemination strategies are complex and will also be conjointly realized.The follow-up strategy of the project will be focused on spreading good practice and extending the use of the e-learning platform for adults education at European level.