House of Didactic Staff from Neamţ county was founded in 1990. It’s the main resources center for didactic staff and in the meantime, a center which ensures the training of a large amount of adults, by various training programs purposed every year. Neamt department is situated on 17th place in Romania for its high rate of unemployment – 10%. A significant percent of population – around 20% has migrant workers in families. Connected to this social phenomenon, there is a big demand of training courses in foreign languages and initiation in informatics among the adults of Neamt department. In
2010, the House of Didactic Staff from Neamt department ensured the training of 2263 adults belonging to both rural and urban areas, from a number of 6552 registered users of its facilities, existing in the county of Neamţ.
The institution is a resource center, innovation and expertise in training adults and educational managers, which initiates and organizes regular scientific, methodical, educational, with positive impact on beneficiaries. This is the main adult education provider from this region of Romania, and the improvement of its ways of training and communicating as a partner in this project, it’s a strong necessity.This is the first participation of the institution in a Grundtvig - Lifelong Learning project.