Italian partner in the project with role in applying project e-learning platform for adults with special needs and to imprisoned adults, is an adult education centre, situated in the centre of Frosinone (Lazion Region, Italy). It has two different headquarters, “L. Pietrobono” school and Frosinone prison. During 2010-2011 school year, the Center has 120 adult students, men and women, who attend the evening courses (Dance, English, Spanish, Computer and Guitar) and 70 inmates, only men, who attend the morning courses (primary and secondary school) in the prison of Frosinone. Center students are Italian school drop-outs, Italian adults who wish to consolidate or expand their education, migrants from all over the world who live in the Frosinone area or stay at residential children’s homes, war refugees, non-EU temporary or permanent residents. The center offers different types of adult courses, like state education for young and adult compulsory school drop-outs; Italian courses as a second or foreign language; English, Spanish, German courses for the general public; ICT, cookery, dance courses also for the general public. In the latter the learners are only inmates, Italians and foreigners. The center offers literacy courses, compulsory education courses, English and Italian courses, secondary school courses, ICT courses.