In the province of Kastamonu, the National Educational Directorate is responsible for managing education at all levels.
The Directorate is responsible for the education management of 20 provinces and villages. In Turkey, education system consists of several sub-divisions like pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education, vocational education, higher education. It plans, programs, conducts, follows and evaluates education and teaching arrangements related to teachers and students who attend schools. And it also opens preschool, primary education secondary education and every kind of formal and common education associations.
National Educational Directorate of Kastamonu is in the Black Sea Region in the province of Kastamonu Turkey. The province isn’t very developed. There are 19 districts that depend on the province. The directorate is responsible all education matters at city center and district level. All special Education (adults with disabilities) depends on this directorate. There are schools and programmes for these adults. These are 1 Research and Guidance Center, 1 Education and Practice School and Work Training Center, 8 Private Education and Rehabilitation Center. The special programs are given to adults with disabilities in these places. But peer to peer teaching are given,there is not e-learning. With this project these people that can’t have education, will get a chance. There are 604 adults with disabilities in this province. Some of them are physically disabled and they need special training. They do need computer and English lessons and they can find job easier. In plus, the province’s landscape is very massy and mountainous. Especially for adults with disabilities who live these kind of messy and mountainous districts the project will be a solution, they will be trained from their home.