This organization was created in order to promote the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region through educational projects and exhibition and promotion of local artists. The history of the organization takes back to 1962 and legally from 2008. 
Towarzystwo Milośników Kujaw is located in a small town called Radziejów. There are 5000 inhabitants. Towarzystwo Milośników Kujaw helps adult people to have a background knowledge about the region and people traditions. That is why its main objective is to promote and preserve the local history and traditions in Poland and Europe. Towarzystwo Milośników Kujaw involves adults who share their knowledge and experience with younger generation. It organizes dance shows and exhibitions to local communities and educational events for a big number of people from Poland and Europe. It also has a folklore dance group and a regional chamber where it presents things used in homes in old times. Towarzystwo Milośników Kujaw promotes local poets and writes, publishes their books and promote them. The representatives of the organization often visit schools to present local history and traditions.
The high unemployment rate is the main disadvantage of living in Radziejów. According to the statistics, unemployment in Poland is 11.5%, in this region it is 15.3% and in Radziejów it was 18.3% in 2010. This is caused of the lack of factories or companies that would employ people from the town. The nearest bigger town is about 50 km away from Radziejów. The biggest danger are social threats such as unemployment, poverty and alcoholism. The short term perspective the organization intents to promote is to enlarge educational possibilities for adults in the region through a serious engagement in different projects. In a long term perspective Towarzystwo Milośników Kujaw wants to teach people how to use abilities they can learn and acquire for their future. The organization will be a partner in this project with the role of implementing the platform for specific adult education purposes and to work on the English and Spanish language courses, IT and handicrafts.