The International Conference “New Approaches of Teaching Modern Languages” was organized the 28th of September 2012, at the House of Teaching Staff - CCD Neamţ – Piatra-Neamţ, under the frame of the Grundtvig partnership NELPAE (2011-2012), together with the coordinator of the project, Asociaţia Culturală Europea – Vaslui. Other involved institutions were the School Inspectorate Neamţ (ISJ), ARPF – the Romanian Association of French Teachers – departments of Vaslui and Neamţ and the National College of Informatics from Piatra-Neamţ. The Senior lecturer of this Conference was Professor Robert Massart from Belgium (Professeur à la Haute Ecole provinciale de Mons (Belgique), Département pédagogique, Secrétaire de l'Association belge des Professeurs de français, Secrétaire de la Commission de la FIPF des Pays du français langue maternelle). The assistance was composed by teachers and specialists in training of adults in the field of foreign languages, especially the French language one.